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    Hi Guys,
    Now might not be the right time to invest in real estate but a great time to keep your eyes open. Thanks to the falling value of rupee, apart from NRI, residents in India who are the major buying end user group, would not be able to afford the high cost of properties in cities. We are going to experience hyper inflation soon and that is going to bring down people’s budget for buying apartments and plots. The plot values will be coming down soon but we will have to wait patiently for some more time. It will rise after a few years again once we get out of the ditch that our politicians have pushed us in but as of now, I foresee a decrease in prices.


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    My NRI friends are transferring more money to their fathers to invest now :)

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    Always wait for a deal,don’t go bluntly and invest by paying huge amounts to so called top builders,there are many other builder who can give very good product in the market without any hype.

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    You can shop around for deals. .. and I would refrain from the usage of the term “Investment”.. It is more of an expense and an emotional spend..

    Simple things to remember

    Do not be in a hurry to buy.. shop around ..
    Do not buy with delivery dates 3-4 years from now.. You can look at properties that have delivery by mid 2017.. not beyond that
    Do not over leverage.. Not really a good time to take that 70-80 Lakh loan liability

    Nobody is rushing in dollars into India now.. People will get it in only when they see some stability.. There is no way to guess what the real value will be and how much more will be the depreciation. Do not fall for such cons ..
    .. if you want to but it is tricky to try to time the market and you never know..

    I think the economic situation is pretty gloomy with no immediate correction.
    So there is more pain and I hope we live through this..

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