What is Carpet area?

This is the total area of all the floors excluding the area taken up by the walls. It is basically the area where the carpets can be laid out... Read more »

What is builBuilt-up area?

This area includes the carpet area plus the area that is taken up by your walls and balcony... Read more »

What is Super built-up area?

This is the built-up area plus the area taken up by common areas such as community halls, lobby, elevator, stairs etc... Read more »

Checklist for Purchasing a Residential Flat/Apartments before you seal the purchase.

Mother deed/ Sale deed: This is the most important document for tracing the ownership of the land. It gives details of the property as to how it was acquired at the initial stage and the subsequent series of transactions it has undergone. You should also check for the original sale agreement.. Read more »